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Mejor Arma Legal En Mexico

The 9mm cartridge is the most common caliber for a home defense pistol. Keep in mind that this means your weapon could go through walls and potentially injure your loved ones in a home invasion situation. A false debate triggered social networks: a few days ago, comments circulated that we could already buy weapons from the army, but this is not true: we have always been able to do so. Well, at least since 1857. (l) Art of war, gases and chemical substances for exclusively military use, as well as the various devices for the use of the armed forces. Mexico accuses the United States of not doing enough against the arms trade, but enforcement of Mexican law is also weak. U.S. citizens caught trafficking weapons in Mexico face a maximum sentence of two years, often serving only a few months. In general, all weapons, ammunition and materials intended exclusively for war. Article 9 Weapons with the following characteristics may be possessed or carried under the conditions and restrictions provided for in this Law: Ejidatarios, cumuneros and day labourers of the country outside urban areas may possess a weapon of this calibre or a .22 calibre rifle or a shotgun of any calibre and carry it during the demonstration only. except for those with a barrel length of less than 635 mm (25) and those with a barrel length greater than 12 (.729 or 18.5 mm). In all of Mexico, there is only one place where you can legally buy a gun. He is hiding in an anonymous building on a military base in the capital, run by soldiers.

Gun owners must register every gun they own, and it is virtually impossible to get permission to carry it, which is allowed in almost every state in the United States. It is better not to have a gun, even in the house, because it leads to accidents or worse, accidents within the family due to improper handling of firearms,” he said. It is the duty of the state to ensure the safety of people living in the country, but it is not exactly about taking justice,” he added. In Mexico City, for example, more than 8,500 investigation files were opened during the same period from 2015 to 2018 for firearm-related crimes such as illegal carrying, intentional injury, reckless wounding, and shooting in the air. Of the total survey, 2,400 involved firearm-related homicides. “What if we made the same small efforts to stop drugs as yours to stop guns?” he asked, according to a senior Mexican official present. The acquisition of firearms should require compliance with certain requirements, such as criminal or criminal background checks, medical examinations and firearms licences, depending on the location of the region. With the publication of the document, signed since March 22 by Andrés Manuel López Obrador and published on March 25, confusion was created and many believed that the purchase of weapons was allowed if this right had been envisaged since the Constitution of 1857 and can currently be achieved with only 6,000 pesos.

The weapon has tactical and strategic power as a symbol of the cartels` ever-increasing strength and reach. One of Mexico`s most popular music groups took the name Calibre 50. His most recent hits include “El niño sicario”. They are easy to execute and control. They execute their shots consistently; very unlikely to get stuck; with an incredible variety of cheap accessories and spare parts compared to other weapons. So if we see ourselves alone, not protected by the government, what do we have to do as citizens? Take up arms to defend our families and our lives,” said Hipolito Mora, one of the founders of vigilante groups in Michoacan, one of the states most affected by drug trafficking in recent years. A .50-caliber weapon, favored by snipers for its long-range accuracy, fires projectiles the size of a black marker, as seen in this photo of Iraq. They are five to ten times larger than those of the most common semi-automatic models such as the AR-15 and AK-47. Increasingly, these weapons are being used against Mexican security forces. The 464 police officers killed between January and September, many with .50-caliber weapons or powerful assault rifles, is more than 10 times the number of police officers killed in the United States (a much larger area) during the same period. Cartel killers used .50-caliber rifles to break into armored vehicles and kill five Mexican marines in Nuevo Laredo in 2018.

Last year, these weapons were used in an ambush in Michoacan, killing 14 state soldiers. Glock 19 and Glock 43 are pistols manufactured by Glock. It is the pinnacle of reliability and simplicity of application in weapons. Arms reform in Mexico has always been a hot potato,” Segurajauregui said. “Nobody wants to touch them. No one. Increasingly, they find military weapons and ammunition, often entirely new, purchased a few days earlier at gun stores and gun shows in Arizona. When weapons are discovered at the border, it is usually because traffickers are in distress or vulnerable, unlike sophisticated transnational criminals who smuggle. The most common market is the AR-15, AK-47, Ruger Mini 14 and IWI Tavor. They are expensive compared to other firearms, but they create terror among criminals and undesirable people. The sale of 52,147 weapons in the military sector between 2009 and 2014 is a tiny number compared to the black market, which is mainly motivated by the illegal import of US weapons. Taking responsibility for arming yourself to protect your home, subject to possible events that may occur, is a valid option.

U.S. officials say they have responded to Mexico`s requests for better coordination. Border officials seized more than 350 rifles and handguns destined for Mexico at checkpoints in fiscal year 2020, most for at least a decade. This equates to just over 0.1% of the estimated weapons traded each year, or about 250,000. “Guns give cartels a psychological advantage and create fear among security forces,” said Ioan Grillo, author of the new book Blood Gun Money on cross-border arms trafficking in Mexico. “Imagine you`re in a police car and .50-caliber bullets start piercing the armor.” However, you should consider proper training on how to handle these weapons. There are groups and firing ranges dedicated to the correct handling of the chosen weapon in the different regions. The guns come from all over the United States. The two main sources are Arizona and Texas, according to ATF officials. Ships, submarines, ships and seaplanes for naval warfare and their armament. The Mexican constitution guarantees the right of citizens to own a pistol and shotguns for self-defense and sports.

However, in order for you to legally get your hands on a gun, it is necessary to overcome a series of bureaucratic hurdles much stricter than in the United States, and for many, it also means traveling long distances to reach the only gun store in the country. But every week, these weapons are smuggled across the Mexican border, where increasingly militarized drug cartels now control arsenals that rival those of the country`s security forces. In many cases, criminals outnumber armed police. Section 14. The loss, theft, destruction, seizure or seizure of a weapon in the possession or litter shall be brought to the attention of the Ministry of National Defence under the conditions and through the channels provided for in the provisions of this Act. The most expensive home protection weapon that can be purchased legally in the country is a Colt revolver, caliber 0.38 special, with a price of one thousand 036 dollars (about 19,000 pesos). There are 12 copies of this model in army warehouses and its price is due to the fact that it is the stainless steel Cobra model. With matte finish, two-inch barrel, rubber handle and fiberglass front visor. “It is irresponsible that these types of weapons are sold in the United States to people with minimum requirements and no follow-up after purchase,” said Fabián Medina, head of the office of the Mexican foreign minister. “What we know in Mexico is that they end up in the hands of criminal organizations, and with these powerful weapons, they shot down navy helicopters and took the lives of many people.” According to the official army register, to which the store belongs, 549 weapons were sold in 2000. By 2015, sales had reached 10,115, an increase that also reflects growing concerns about personal safety amid the increase in homicides in Mexico.

Having guns in the home creates security for the owner to have defense options.