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Most Important Project Management Documents

We are now moving on to the fourth phase of the project, the execution phase. At this point, you have a number of important project documents. The first thing we`ll look at for this phase is the RAID protocol. The project business case is the document that starts the entire project. It was written to explain why the project should take place, and it summarizes the problem that the project will solve. With the document repository on the project site, you can gather all your project information in one place, so your team can easily collaborate and work on their tasks, regardless of location or time zone. Progress reports are also important to keep all stakeholders informed of the progress of the project and the respect of deadlines or budgets, the meeting of required quality specifications and, most importantly, the achievement of objectives and expected results. However, it is useful to have a textual document on calculations that includes information about contracts, procurement, and financial processes that you need to follow. You can integrate it into your project management plan. You need this: This gives you the power to act as the project manager for the project.

It is your mandate to carry out the project, and it is the document that transforms the project from an idea into a real work program with the assigned owners (and a funding agreement). The plan covers everything you need to know and do to manage the project, including managing project tolerances, deviations, change control approach, quality assessment, and more. This determines the amount and type of project documentation required and whether document templates are present. You must have heard a lot about the project documents needed at almost every stage of every project. In any case, there are many important formalities that must be done to ensure a top quality project. If you`re setting up a project budget for the first time, check out my handy guide to project budgeting. The article shows you how to estimate and calculate project costs for each category, from personal effort to material and service costs to investments. Project managers use project management software to create a work breakdown structure. Once you have the answer to these questions, you can start working on the project documentation. If you look at project management standards and methods, you will find a lot of documentation, but do you really need all this? Honestly, not for most projects.

Similarly, it should be shared with other project managers, otherwise they won`t benefit from what worked and what didn`t. Without a project charter, your project does not formally exist! A work breakdown structure is at the heart of project planning. It is important for resource management and to avoid the scope of the project by defining everything a project needs to achieve, organizing it into several levels and representing it graphically. Lessons learned are part of the strengths of the organizational process and represent the organization`s commitment to excellence in project management and an opportunity for the project manager to learn from real-world experiences. These documents save a lot of time and effort by making the information they need accessible to the project manager, team, and stakeholders. It also helps improve concentration. Therefore, helps to complete the various tasks on time. There is no point in creating a plan document just to say, “We do it as the PMO dictates, like any other project in this business.” In this case, I have an overall project management plan document and it refers to the company`s standards. There is no project without the project charter.

This is the most critical outcome of the project. No change is forgotten and no one can blame you if the project budget increases because a change has been implemented. So it`s a way to protect yourself. This essential document is a breakdown of the entire project that identifies all the work that needs to be done by the project team to achieve the project objectives and successfully deliver the client`s product or service. In the WBS, all services (product or service) are broken down to the smallest unit. The information that enters the WBS comes from the scope management plan, project scope statement, requirements documentation, as well as identified environmental factors of the company and organizational process resources. Or you have to return the money – different finance departments and project sponsors have different priorities! Regardless of the size of the project, roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined. This business case is at the heart of every project and must answer the question of whether it is worth implementing.

The purpose of a business case is to identify, highlight and weigh the costs of delivering a project against the expected benefits. The paperwork learned is part of your project thesis. It only becomes a useful reference if you share it with the members of this team so that they have something that codifies the lessons they have learned working with you. The project charter identifies project needs, formally authorizes a project, and gives the project manager the authority to request resources and conduct project activities. This is the consultant for the given task or the entire project. A work breakdown structure is central to project planning and resource management and helps prevent project scope. Project requirements are the objectives and expected specifications of a project to ensure that everyone involved is met. Our free requirements capture template helps you document all your project requirements. The business case can be a simple email from a client or a 50-page Word document that includes input from 10 stakeholders. The conclusion of the contract refers to the process of performing all tasks and conditions mentioned as deliverables and pending when the contract was first drafted.

This only applies to outsourced projects. It is a huge document. In fact, it`s probably not a document (although I`ve grouped it into the project management plan template you can find here). Regardless of the structure of your business, the ability to record and document all aspects of a project is critical to a project manager`s success. Multiple reports, tables, charts, documents, change requests, and status updates must be retained throughout the project lifecycle, and documentation works to bring together the different parts of a project and successfully complete them.