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National Defense Argument Definition

Economic performance largely determines a nation`s defense capability, and therefore sound economic security directly affects a nation`s national security. That is why we see that countries with healthy economies also benefit from strong guarantees, such as the United States, China, India and others. In large countries, economic security strategies include accessing other countries` resources and markets and protecting their own domestic markets. 3. One possibility is that the national security argument is only used as a pretext to save jobs in the steel industry. By analogy, remember that when Trump ran for president, he promised to ban Muslim immigration. When Rudy Giuliani told him it was a legally questionable proposal, Trump asked for a version of the plan that would be accepted by the courts. This led to the recent dispute over banning immigration from seven (later six) Muslim-majority countries. In 1997 and 2000, Russia adopted documents entitled “National Security Concept”, which described Russia`s position and global interests, listed threats to national security, and described ways to counter those threats. In 2009, these documents were replaced by the “National Security Strategy to 2020”. The main body responsible for coordinating Russia`s national security policies is the Security Council of Russia. Although States differ in their approach and some are beginning to prioritize non-military measures to address the systemic causes of insecurity, various forms of coercive power, particularly military capabilities, predominate.

[7] The scope of these capabilities has evolved. Traditionally, military capabilities have been mainly based on land or sea, and in smaller countries they still are.