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Word for Disobeying Rules

Achieve what you want by breaking the rules or finding smart ways to work within those rules If you refuse to obey someone who has authority, you are disobedient. A frustrated substitute teacher might describe the entire second year as disobedient, and you can try to teach your cat how to use the toilet, but find that he is a disobedient pet. The word comes from the combination of obedient â with its root oboedientem, Latin for “to obey”, â with the prefix dis or “the opposite of doing”. Members who violate this prohibition may be court-martialed for disobeying a lawful order or regulation, or for other crimes related to their extremist activities, such as making false statements to superiors. Someone who disobeys does not follow the rules. If your dog doesn`t sit, stay or take off, you can describe it as disobedient. These members pledge to protect the Constitution, but also to ignore government ordinances that they deem “unconstitutional”. When a person convicted of a crime relapses, he commits another formal failure to do what is provided for in a rule, law, contract, etc. formally break a law or rule or do something against your principles He praises law and order and reserves the right to disregard the law and overthrow the political order by force. Nglish: Translation of disobedience for Spanish speakers. Do something that is contrary to a law, agreement, principle, etc., formally a situation where someone breaks a law or rule. As Martin Luther King said, if the court`s decisions are not fair, we have a duty to disobey them – and we will simply disobey the court.

formally the act of doing something that is not permitted by a rule, law, or agreement, intentionally doing the opposite of what a person in authority has told you, or intentionally disobeying a rule. When he turned his back on him, they brutally grumbled at him, threatened him with disobedience, and decided to stop it. He said he would disobey them; That urgency, he believed, justified disobedience. Formal non-compliance with an official rule or law She says Americans must be prepared to “disobey the court” when it makes decisions that are not fair. They are poorly paid, poorly educated and threatened with early retirement or court martial if they disobey orders, Mahfuuz says. English version of the thesaurus “I managed to disobey, and fortunately the officials were distracted,” he adds. formally not acting on something as was expected of you or as you agreed, refusing to behave like everyone else, or believing that you can do whatever you want when someone does something against your wish/advice, they do it even if you don`t want them to do it/advise it, not taking the position of someone who didn`t do something he was officially ordered to do Probably he didn`t understand the exact situation, otherwise he would hardly have encouraged a young girl to disobey her parents. Saying you won`t accept someone`s authority or advice If the company or organization continues to intentionally disobey health orders, like many in Carlsbad, an officer must prepare a report that will be sent to the San Diego County District Attorney`s Office for review and action. That soldiers obey, and that they are wisely punished if they do not obey, is very understandable. Doing or saying something that makes people angry because it violates a rule or is unacceptable to go beyond accepted boundaries or norms of behavior They never intended to provoke, disobey or be activists of any kind. Behavior that is morally reprehensible or violates a rule.