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The Japanese girlsa€™ identity Ayaka ways tone, flower.

Singer, songwriter, and record producer Ayaka sang for an MTV Unplugged unique fleetingly before the woman retirement because of Graves ailments. But 24 months after, she felt good enough to resume their profession.

19. Ayako

Ayako is manufactured by combining the kanji for Aya indicating shade, design, and Ko meaning youngster.

Another kanji that presents the seem aya is cµ?, which includes this is brilliant material design, kimono style. For that reason, this title often means brilliant textile layout, kimono design youngster.

20. Ayame

Ayame suggests iris.

Eye sanguinea is a species of iris native to Japan. The unbranched stalk develops to 90 centimeters high and creates between one and three blossoms. The blooms start from purple, purple-red, and violet to a rare white shade.

21. Ayane

The exact interpretation of Ayane are a colorful audio.

Ayane was a figure during the dry or Alive and Ninja Gaiden video gaming series. Among Temcoa€™s most popular figures, Ayane, is also among the many mascots for Koei Tecmo.